Terms/Guarantee regulations

The following General Terms and Conditions apply for all deliveries, unless other arrangements have been agreed in writing. No details, descriptions or illustrations of the items offered are legally binding. We reserve the right to make changes on legal, technical or sales grounds at any time, and without prior notice.

All prices and price lists are subject to change without notice. All agreements and sales concluded by our sales representatives require our written confirmation. The prices are non-binding and only apply after our written confirmation.

Payments by corporate customers
Our invoices are payable net 30 days from invoice date without discount. In the case of the payment period being exceeded, we are entitled to charge interest and dunning fees. Failure to observe our payment conditions releases us from our obligation to supply the goods; however, it does not release the buyer from the obligation to accept the goods.

Payments by private customers
We can also supply smaller quantities to private customers; however, we reserve the right to only supply goods subject to payment in advance.

Shipping costs
All stated shipping costs apply for deliveries within Switzerland; deliveries to the EU shall incur additional shipping costs. Please note that these may vary significantly depending on the order quantities. In the event of orders from other countries, we shall first send you a confirmation e-mail stating the actual shipping costs.
If you possess a VAT ID, then we shall provide you with a VAT-deductible invoice.
Stuco only supplies top quality products, manufactured using high-quality materials. If, however, a product does not meet a customer’s expectations, customers should contact Stuco to have the issue resolved to their satisfaction.

Data protection
We treat the data disclosed by you confidentially. As a general rule, the Stuco Group (Stuco AG Switzerland, Stuco GmbH Austria, Stuco GmbH Germany, Stuco kft Hungary) does not disclose any data to external companies and third parties.

In connection with the performance of services [and/or sale of products] for the customer, Stuco may collect, store and process personal data, obtain personal data from third parties and disclose personal data to third parties. In doing so, it will always take into account the applicable data protection standards and laws.

If Stuco is allowed to do so by law or has an overriding interest to do so, or if the customer has given their consent, Stuco may process the personal data collected for the following purposes:

  • a) Examination of conditions for entering into a contract;
  • b) Performance of contractual obligations towards the customer;
  • c) Maintenance, development and retention of the customer relationship
  • d) Customisation of services or provision of personalised content, e.g. by analysing demographics, user behaviour and user interests;
  • e) Address validation;
  • f) Prevention of unlawful use of services (in particular prevention of fraud at the time of entering into and during the term of the contract);
  • g) Invoicing, collection purposes and credit checks;
  • h) Promotion, design and further development of Stuco products;

Stuco may use third parties in Switzerland and abroad to process data. If the customer purchases the services of a third party from Stuco, Stuco may disclose to the third party for processing purposes the customer data which the third party needs in order to meet the contractual obligations towards the customer.

If third parties in Switzerland or abroad are used by Stuco, they are bound by contract to comply with the measures necessary under applicable data protection law. Further information concerning the use of personal data can be found in the privacy policy. (Link to the privacy policy)

Stuco provides an extensive offer of high-quality shoes, products and advice. Guarantee cases may nevertheless arise for our quality-tested products.
Stuco grants a one-year guarantee on all Stuco-made products. In the case of a defect, simply return the article together with the receipt. Depending on the defect and claim, we will either repair or replace the product.

Guarantee terms
The guarantee covers all material and manufacturing defects. The guarantee does not cover wear and tear or any improper use not intended by the manufacturer. The guarantee does not apply for any damage that occurs as a result of outside influences, as well as inadequate or improper care. In cases of damage, the customer may contact Stuco directly or a Stuco sales outlet. Any decisions on guarantee claims shall be made at the discretion of Stuco alone. 
The customer is always responsible for any costs of returning damaged shoes.
The guarantee becomes invalid if any attempts to repair the shoes are made by the customer or third parties. Any guarantee that is granted on replacement products is only applicable for the guarantee term of the originally purchased product.
Any consumables, such as shoe polish, cleaning tissues, etc., offered by Stuco are excluded from this guarantee.

Right to exchange
If the supplied product is too small or too big, customers may of course exchange the item at no additional cost. The customer is always responsible for any cost of returning the product. A note stating the customer’s address and the required item should be enclosed in the package. If a product is exchanged for one that costs less than the original purchase, then the customer shall be credited the difference. If a product is exchanged for one that costs more than the original purchase, then the customer shall be invoiced the difference.

Stuco grants a money-back guarantee on all purchases. If a product does not meet a customer’s expectations, it may be returned within 10 days, including the original packaging and receipt, to the sales outlet where it was purchased. Please understand that we can only accept the return of products that are in a new and unworn condition.
The customer is always responsible for any cost of returning the product. Under no circumstances are we able to accept the return of goods that have already been worn. In such cases we must insist on the payment of the invoice.

Delivery dates
If available, the ordered items will be shipped within 48 hours. Please note the order confirmation. All stated delivery dates are  not binding; Stuco shall however adhere to these dates wherever possible. The customer does not have the right to cancel orders or claim damages if Stuco is unable to meet the stated delivery date.

All complaints must be submitted in writing within 10 days of the receipt of the goods. Stuco is unable to accept any liability for goods damaged in transit. If there is evidence of manufacturing defects in the supplied product, Stuco will repair or replace the item at no further cost. Stuco is unable to accept any liability for damage caused by the provision of inaccurate information regarding the intended use of products, or by their incorrect use.

Stuco provides advice to the best of its knowledge; however, no  liability is assumed for the statements and information provided
If the buyer’s terms and conditions contradict these General Terms and Conditions, then they shall only be valid if they have been explicitly accepted by Stuco in writing.

The place and venue of fulfillment for all rights and obligations arising from business with Stuco is the registered seat of Stuco AG.

Stuco AG, Sept. 1. 2023. These General Terms and Conditions replace all previously published version and are subject to change without notice.