Easy Walk – Walking on Clouds

We walk a lot and take thousands of steps every day – and that requires a lot of energy; at least until today, because we now have Easy Walk: the front section of Easy Walk is pointed slightly upwards and the result is a good one – for your feet, for your joints and for your shoes. Easy Walk shoes support the natural heel to toe movement of the foot.

The advantages of Easy Walk shoes:

  • More natural and gentle walk
  • Less stress on the joints
  • Prevention of pressure points
  • No deformation behind the protective toe cap
  • Longer shoe life


AirFlowteX – lets your feet breathe

People who are on the move tend to perspire. This is an important reaction, as the body would otherwise overheat and that would not be good. Nevertheless, foot odour is not a must and the functional design of AirFlowteX helps to prevent it and the soft lining also ensures optimal wear comfort. You will feel great – from heel to toe.

The AirFlowteX functional design: Three layers and three functions for more comfort.

The advantages of AirFloweX shoes:

  • Prevention of foot odour
  • Prevention of pressure points
  • Extra-light
  • Outstanding wear comfort
  • Stuco quality guarantee


Natura Walk – a Natural Walk

Natura Walk soles are naturally fitted to the shape of the foot. They provide the toes with the space that they need for comfortable walking. The ergonomically shaped foot form combined with the Stuco soft-pad heel shock absorption system ensures natural and comfortable walking.

Stucotex – the Optimum Shoe Climate in all Weathers

StucoTex stands for functional clothing and highest quality thanks to sophisticated technology in tiny membranes. The StucoTex membrane makes sure that the wind stays out and that moisture on the inside is quickly transported to the outside. This keeps the feet dry and warm, and the body functioning even when it is working hard.

  • The advantages of StucoTex shoes:
  • Highly breathable
  • 100% water resistant
  • 100% windproof
  • Extreme mechanical resistance
  • Outstanding wear comfort