Training Manager Module

Create your own training templates including documents and interactive instruction (additional software for content creation required). Training templates can be summarized as profiles and assigned to individual employees or groups.

You can save the training as one-time or recurring training measures. When a particular training measure has to be repeated by a specific employee, the monitoring by asa-control fully automated. Planning, implementation, feedback and documentation are of course included.


  • Create training and instruction templates (types) including training documents
  • Recurring training with automated interval planning
  • Compile training profiles from training templates
  • Assign training profiles to employees
  • Automated suggestion of training needs
  • Plan, implement and document training courses (internal and external)
  • Document completed training with individual or overall verification
  • Certificates for successfully completed training courses
  • Display the completed or upcoming training courses for each topic and employee


(Certain functions are not available in asa-control basic and require the Training Manager module.)